Why Address Anxious Thoughts Early If You Possibly Have Lyme Disease

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It’s almost magical how a regular person becomes infected by a tick-borne illness like Lyme disease. A black-legged insect lands on your skin one day, and you may have probably seen it fly away. After several days, weeks, or months, you complain about chronic fatigue, rashes, achy joints, and other symptoms. Instead of looking for the bug bite, though, the doctors typically concentrate on diagnosing you with a different disease.

Of course, that cannot give you tranquility. You know that you possibly have Lyme, but the specialist still won’t confirm it. It’s likely that anxiety is running through your veins because of that, and you can’t sleep until you receive a proper diagnosis.

A word of advice: stop doing that. You need to address your anxious thoughts early due to these reasons.

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  1. Anxiety Makes You Wary Of Everything

When you suspect that your undiagnosed issue is Lyme disease for real, you surely cannot help but absorb every detail concerning it from the internet. Your searches vary from the usual symptoms to the foods you can eat to the activities you shouldn’t do. You practically try to uncover all the stones related to the illness.

While knowledge is a healthy source of power on a regular basis, the balance might tip over once you entertain anxious thoughts.  As Graham C.L. Davey PhD. mentioned, “Anxiety often generates additional layers of anxiety—especially if you become anxious about being anxious. Anxiety isn’t unnatural—it’s a normal emotion that has evolved to help you deal with anticipated threats and challenges, and that’s basically what it’s there for.” Say, you heard that the bacteria in your body like sugar, so you cut it off from your life completely. That is a smart decision, considering you can get ahold of another natural energy-giving ingredient. Despite that, in case you can’t, and you’re only doing it because of anxiety, you should know that lowering your sugar intake is enough. The same goes for every other food or activity that you think you’re not supposed to do.

1. It Can Worsen Your Illnesses

Yes, that is not a typographical error. If you probably carry Lyme disease, the odds are also high about you having another ailment. It can be anything, but it’s common for people to develop an autoimmune disease due to the same insect that infected you.

Now, in case both illnesses comorbid with anxiety, the result will never be something that you can consider as a beautiful disaster. The panic attacks can worsen the other diseases. If the symptoms are supposed to be at around five on the scale of one to ten, the mental disorder may push them up to the maximum level. There’s no silver lining to find out of this; that’s why you need to eliminate your anxious thoughts immediately. To help you cope with anxiety, Linda Esposito, LSCW, suggests to “Make a mental note of the positive things in your life. Remember that everything in life is temporary—the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

2. You Might Have Suicidal Tendencies

Living with the possibility that you have Lyme disease but not hearing any confirmation about it can genuinely mess with your brain. You might wonder, “It’s easy for doctors to diagnose diverse types of cancer now. Why can’t they do the same for a tick-borne illness?” Thus, you may have also gone to multiple physicians in hopes of meeting one who can see your symptoms for what they are in actuality.

The thing is, the more time you spend looking for answers, the more your anxiety might pull you down. It may even cause you to develop depression, which is another mental disorder that brings helplessness and a sense of isolation in your life. “Chronic anxiety that is excessive, irrational and debilitating can interfere with our overall quality of life. While some amount of anxiety is part of being alive, if worries and fears are preventing you from living your life, it would be helpful to seek out a mental health professional that specializes in anxiety disorders,” according to  Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D. With these two ailments in motion, it’s effortless to feel as if the world connives against you. Hence, you might begin entertaining thoughts of ending your misery on your own.

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To Sum It All Up

It is challenging to deal with a condition like Lyme disease. Specialists call it a trickster since the illness can show symptoms that are prominent on other disorders. Having it also entails that you are carrying another health condition, which may or may not have a remedy up to this day. Assuming you’re still in the limbo, though, you should not make things any harder by giving refuge to anxious thoughts all the time.

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