Normal Things That May Be Harmful For Lyme Patients


Lyme disease is a condition that has no chance of getting detected after a simple test. You may be carrying this tick-borne illness for years, but the doctor may insist that it is merely an autoimmune disease. Other disorders may come to the surface as well before a specialist entertains the idea that it may be the Lyme that’s the reason behind such manifestations.

Based on the long-term process of diagnosing the illness alone, you can also tell that treating Lyme disease can be very stressful. It borderlines the impossible if we are honest, especially when even the things that we see or feel on average may be harmful to the patients.

Let us give you examples of what these normal aspects may be.

  1. Taking A Shower

Showers are generally fun and refreshing. The feeling of water raining down on you can calm your thoughts, to the extent that you end up staying there until your fingers look like prunes.

However, someone with Lyme disease tends to have an opposite experience. When he or she gets in the shower, the water constantly hitting the body can give the individual pain afterward. Some say it’s the water pressure attacking the toxins in the deep tissues that causes that. Others believe that the sudden rise of body temperature allows the antibodies to kill the Candida and Lyme bacteria.

  1. Getting A Massage

Lyme patients are not supposed to go to spas to get a deep tissue massage. The reason is that the act of kneading the fats and muscles in the body enables the toxins to flow out with sweat. While that is an excellent detoxification method for most people, it exposes the Lyme bacteria and other toxins to the immune system, which forces them to have an internal battle (literally). Its result is that the person tends to feel sick for several days.

1. Rising Of A Full Or New Moon

Before you start thinking that Lyme patients are humans that turn into a werewolf like Remus Lupin in Harry Potter, allow us to burst your bubble now. These are real people we’re talking about, and their physical form does not change when the new or full moon comes. Despite that, something happens with their brain during this time, thus causing them to experience distress physically and mentally.

The thing is, there is not much research about this circumstance as we speak. The ongoing theory is that the bacteria in a patient’s body reproduce every after 28 days. That is typically when the moon changes as well; that’s why both occurrences have probably been connected.

2. Doing The Horizontal Tango

How the Lyme bacteria are able to go through reproduction is that they feed on magnesium, zinc, and other chemicals and nutrients that the body has. Some internal organs may not function because of that. Hence, the individual with Lyme disease does not even have the energy to either masturbate or have sexual intercourse.

If that person insists on doing it, the supply of nutrients within the system will go down rapidly. Instead of feeling pleasure, he or she may merely be in pain for days.

3. Exercising

Many ill folks often get encouragement from their loved ones and doctors to work out. “Build up your immunity and muscle strength,” they say. However, for Lyme patients, it may be best to stay chill and not do plenty of physical exercises.

That is because the process of exerting energy and making the heart pump more blood can cause toxins to return to your bloodstream. The high body temperature during a workout routine can also disturb the calm flow of things in the person’s system. Besides, the more you exercise, the more nutrients the body should have, and that may be difficult to achieve when bacteria consumes those good chemicals before you do.


In Conclusion

Having Lyme disease tends to be worse than you can ever imagine. It is highly debilitating, especially when you still don’t know how to cope with the symptoms. It can be a source of depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, information like the ones above can help patients understand what they are dealing with and seek the right ways to circumvent them.

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