Best Detox Routine For People With Lyme Disease

It is essential for people with Lyme disease or any chronic illness to follow proper detox procedure. It is necessary to do it regularly, efficiently, and effectively. That’s because a buildup of toxins causes the chronic pain to become worse, particularly with Lyme disease. So if you are not adequately detoxing your body, the condition eventually gets worst and then you become a lot sicker.

Major Detox Protocol

Taking Two Charcoal Capsules As Soon As You Wake Up – Since charcoal is excellent at pulling out toxins from the body, particularly in the intestine and stomach, it becomes essential. It is effective and relatively inexpensive, and it is easy to intake. When you consider it a part of your routine, make sure NOT to take any other medications within 2 hours. That’s because other drugs can disrupt the charcoal capsule’s function in the body by absorbing them.


Drink Lemon, Mint, And Lime Infused Water – We know that lime is great at flushing out toxins out of the body. It is also one of the fundamental things that most people do for secured detoxing. You can take it at night before going to bed or every time you wake up in the morning. But before focusing on having the right amount of mixed lemon, mint, and lime drink, always secure at least two liters of water every day. Because when it comes to flushing out any toxins, water is still the safest and most effective way.

Creating More Healthy Smoothies – Smoothies made out of different kinds of fruits and vegetables are a great help in detoxification. Eating healthy in general sometimes lacks the required nutrients. That’s because there’s always a time that processed and junk foods get through the body. Sometimes in some unfortunate cases, when you don’t have the energy to make something to eat, you end up eating junk. That’s why smoothies become helpful in achieving a healthy daily state due to its significant amount of minerals, vitamins, as well as fiber.


Taking A Hot Bath – Putting on baking soda, Epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar in the tub water is essential. That’s because all of these things are great at detoxification. It is what most people call an “amazing detox bath” due to all the ingredients that work together to pull toxins out. Aside from its relaxing feeling, it also soothes muscle pain. It lessens the severity of frequent nausea and helps maintain the body’s needed temperature as well.


Take Required Supplements – Out of the methods in detoxifying, taking supplements is also essential. The right supplement can give you a good night sleep, secures an ability to have a painless and smooth bowel movement, and more relaxed muscles and cells in the body. But remember; always consult a healthcare professional before taking any medications.

These methods aim to eliminate many toxins as much as possible. Though these may not apply to all individuals, it sure makes a person with Lyme disease feel better. It is useful in nourishing the body and keeping it healthy inside and out.

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