I was in the 2016 New York Lyme Disease Convention, and I learned so much about the health issue.

What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is an illness that comes from a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi, and it is transferred to human beings from animals, more like from deers, with the bite of an infected black-legged tick. Some of the usual signs and symptoms of Lyme disease may comprise of fever, body and head pains, exhaustion, and a distinctive skin reaction termed as erythema migrans. Without proper treatment, the infection can invade a person’s joints, his heart, and also, the nervous system.

What Are The Signs, Symptoms, And Causes?

Lyme disease is established by a medical doctor based on the signs and symptoms, physical features like the rash development on the skin, and the probability of contact with infected ticks. Lab tests are useful if utilized appropriately and performed with certified methods. Most Lyme disease diagnosis can be treated effectively with strong antibiotics for more than two weeks.

How Can We Prevent It?

There are ways to prevent Lyme disease from developing which may consist of using insect-proof lotions or sprays, getting rid of the ticks immediately upon contact, application of pesticides, and lessening tick environment. The ticks that spread Lyme disease may seldom transmit other tick-borne ailments as well.


Other Facts About Lyme Disease

Each year, roughly 30,000 incidents of Lyme disease development are conveyed to CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by state health divisions.

Nonetheless, this statistic does not reveal every case of Lyme disease that is detected in the United States each year. The typical national investigation is just one of the ways that public health officers can trace where a Lyme illness is taking place and with what regularity. Current estimations using other approaches recommend that about 300,000 individuals may contract Lyme disease every year in the United States. This is an alarming data.

With conventions mentioned above, people will be educated with this disease. Come and join if you want more information.