Battling Lyme Disease: A Focus On Behavioral Health

Any person suffering from a disease will undoubtedly experience a decline in their mental health. Not only do they worry about the state of their physical health, but this constant state of worrying also takes a toll on their mental health; making them anxious, irritable and a lot more prone to depression. People who have Lyme disease are no stranger to this. Luckily, a rise in the awareness of mental health at present gave way to behavioral practices that can improve not only a person’s mental health but even their behavioral health at large. According to Joseph Trunzo Ph.D., “Someone suffering from a debilitating disease may be depressed or anxious as a reaction to being ill, it is also important to consider that the debilitating disease might be biologically driving the psychological symptoms.” Continue reading “Battling Lyme Disease: A Focus On Behavioral Health”