The Impact Of Lyme Disease

Staying positive can become an incredible tool for living a healthy life. That is especially when an individual is dealing with a severe health challenge such as Lyme disease. A lot of psychologists agree that to be able to handle a chronic condition, one must care for his emotional and mental health first. With the specific awareness of how someone can become emotionally and mentally stable, it secures a significant improvement in the process of an overall recovery. The incidence of Lyme is on the rise and these problems may become more common than any of us would like to see. “Building awareness is our best bet for helping ourselves and others now and moving forward.”, Joseph Trunzo Ph.D. advises.


The Struggle With The Condition

Lyme disease is something that even experts often get misdiagnosed. Usually, they assume it to be some anxiety and depressive disorder. Individuals with the condition can’t seem to understand and explain the cause of their fatigue and loss of energy. There is consistent of restlessness even if a person sleeps in for 12-hours a day. In some unfortunate instances, depending on an individual, there is a random loss of vision, consciousness, and too much headache. The body is not cooperating and is giving up always. Honestly, it can be entirely frustrating for an individual who only wants to have a happy and healthy life.

It feels like a universal thing that even if you don’t speak the same language, people still share the same sentiments toward the betterment of someone’s overall health. Some cases, Lyme disease, may take a person into exhausting doctor visitations and lots of testing before a secured diagnosis. The condition can make someone feel discouraged, especially when it gets undiagnosed for an extended period too. It can be depressing, overwhelming, and exhausting to handle.


“Researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how and why Lyme disease affects people in different ways and how best to treat them.” says Matthew Berger, M.D.  Yes, some therapy and medication can help ease the struggle of the condition.  However, when it already affects the mental state of an individual, it becomes one of the worse. That is because the disease can make someone feel like they have been stripped with his life. There are instances that he won’t be able to do what he wants, he will not be able to try new things, and will never get to explore the many great things about the world.

The Proper Mindset

Trying to get rid of the disease will inevitably take time. It will require a lot of sacrifices, tons of therapy and medication, and emotional support as well. There is also no assurance as to where and when the suffering would end. However, if there is a proper mindset of dealing with things around, even if Lyme disease is present, a lot of things can change. The attitude of looking forward and staying positive can mean a lot to an individual who may seem to find no hope at all. It will be enriching to make the shift and decide to have the kind of happiness and joy that the individual never imagines to see differently.


The Healthier Shift To An Overall Lifestyle

One of the best ways to battle Lyme disease is by eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Those two are the most significant things that will entirely create a difference in an individual’s daily routine. The process should not need to go after a strict order for it to become effective, though. As long as there is a specific goal of wanting to get better, everything else will follow. The person can start making changes in his eating and sleeping habits. “Slowly increasing movement can be incredibly helpful,” says Afton Hassett, PsyD.

Yes, an individual may feel confused about the best foods to take to fight the condition. But what happens to be a misconception is that he will then incorporate a raw diet more often. Some examples of this practice are juicing vegetables and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, that is not the idea over a healthy diet for Lyme disease. Instead, the main goal should be boosting and supporting the immune system. Therefore, what a person should do is follow a diet that heals the overall function of the body’s food processor, which is the gut. Part of something to remember is that most people think that there are specific foods that will help them heal. Honestly, there is none. That is because when something has taken over the body, it tries to heal itself. But for it to fight back, it needs a better and functioning immune system.

A little strength in mind and body is all that the individual is going to need to be able to fight with the symptoms of the Lyme disease. However, before trying and incorporating different strategies, always remember to consult a healthcare professional.

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