Why Writing Is An Ideal Job For Lyme Disease Patients

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How is life treating you now that you are aware of your Lyme disease?
I know how difficult it can be. There may be days when you do not know which body part to scratch due to the rashes that have appeared all over you. At times, even breathing in and out may be painful because your muscles and joints seem to be on fire. And as if those symptoms are not enough, you may also experience chills, extreme fatigue, and headache.
The truth about Lyme disease – or any autoimmune disorder for that matter – is that no one knows when the episodes will occur and for how long. Sometimes you can go on for weeks without feeling any symptoms. Other times, however, it would be lucky if you can get a break for a day.
Because of all that, keeping your day job must be a real challenge. Having an understanding boss is great, yes, but they may not always be forgiving. After all, no employee wants to think that they are not getting what they are paying you for.

In case you want to let go of your day job but still need to make a living somehow, you should try writing articles or books.

Here’s why it’s beneficial for you.

It Is Not A Physically Taxing Profession

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Being a writer entails that you will mostly be working on a computer. You will ideally not have to go to different locations to get a story, unlike news reporters. All the information that you need can either come from your client or the internet.

What it entails is that you do not have to exert a lot of energy at work every day. That is a good thing because physical exhaustion may trigger the symptoms of Lyme disease and prevent you from finishing your projects.

You Can Share Your Story

Regardless of the genre or topics that get assigned to you, you can still find a way to share your story to the readers. For instance, if you have to write about garden stuff, you can talk about how to avoid ticks in the backyard. In case your task is make an article about autoimmune diseases, then you undoubtedly have something to share, too.

Writing is great because you won’t feel too shy to open up about your experiences. After all, the process may be no different from working on your diary. At some point, you may even manage to voice out your feelings freely.

You May Be Able To Work From Home

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Since you write via computer, your boss may not mind it if you want to work from home. As long as there’s internet connection in the house, you can send documents back and forth.

If we are honest, being able to work from home may be advantageous for you. You can write at your own pace and stop when you feel the symptoms. There’s no traffic for you to worry about as well, so you can focus on content creation.

Writing is probably one of the most underrated jobs out there. Without writers, though, people won’t have books to read or articles to get recipes or tips from. You should try it, especially if you have a condition like Lyme disease that keeps you from being physically active.

Good luck!

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