Our Family’s Journey With Lyme Disease

It was seven years ago when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It was not that shocking for me because I never really thought it could change our lives forever. That time, I was not even scared at all. I am confident that, like any other mild fever and flue, I will soon get better. My family was genuinely worried about my health, but I was mind-boggled why they treated the news as a big deal. Currently, I am a grown-up teenager already. And now, I can say that it’s already clear why my family made a fuss over a disease I got seven years ago.

How I Got The Disease

The whole Lyme disease situation seemingly came out of nowhere. I was an active kid at school. I was a dancer and a baseball player. But one day, all of a sudden, my legs went numb. I began experiencing chills inside my body. There’s the exhaustion, joint pain, and even hair loss. That time I didn’t entirely understand what is going on. I thought maybe my body is failing me because of too many physical activities I do every day. That is for both at home and school. When my parents took me back to our house, I made sure to rest and be healthy as I can be. But resting on those days is the worse. I got bored and eventually became emotionally and mentally unstable.

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After a couple of days, my parents noticed that my condition is not getting any better. That is why they have decided to take me to the hospital. However, most doctors were unable to figure out what is wrong with me. And although some of them already suspected Lyme disease, they dismissed it due to the negative results on my blood tests. It was a sad moment for my family and me because experts couldn’t explain my situation. Some doctors even called it a psychological condition, and that maybe I was only trying to fake it. Honestly, it was so devastating when one of them tried to convince me that I should tell the truth that I was only making things up.

But fortunately, there was this one expert that sticks with me through my Lyme disease battle. It was then I tested positive for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. And on the first few weeks of treatment, I managed to move half of my body. And then a couple of days, I was able to feel my toes again. But as soon as I started to feel better, the treatment ended because my family can no longer afford it. That was the worst moment of my life because I thought I was going to stay hopeless forever.


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With all the emotional frustrations I have that day, I posted it on my social media account. It was a story of hopelessness and feelings of defeat. I was about to accept my faith that I will no longer experience the life I have always wanted. But a miracle happened. People from across the country offered some help. Some individuals even created a fund-raising that will gather enough money for me to continue my medication. I was so overwhelmed and happy that my darker days turn into light. My family didn’t waste any moment and scheduled me for another consultation and treatment. The process was so emotionally and mentally exhausting. But I was glad to get back to it.

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In My Family’s Busy Lives

It has become my family’s ritual to assemble and divide medications in our dining table. Although I had to take almost 70 pills a day, it doesn’t matter. These are pills and supplements prescribed by my doctor. These are necessary because my Lyme disease and other infections caused by it are severely damaging my body. My condition is worst that it crippled me. For the past years, I was often lying in my bed or sitting on a wheeled chair. My dad would carry me around the house if ever I intended to change locations from time to time. But that is okay. Yes, some of my lower body’s nerves are severely affected by the diseases, and I understand that it will take a while or even a couple of years for the nerves to regrow. But I am more than willing to wait for that to happen. Maybe not in a couple of years, but soon I will be able to move my lower extremities.

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For the past couple of years that I was hopeless, I now have the reason to fight. With proper physical therapy, continued medication, and my family’s support, I will soon be able to walk again. As I envisioned myself standing, it already makes me happy, excited, and motivated to get better. I wholeheartedly thank all those people who supported family and me throughout this Lyme disease battle.

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