Emotional And Mental Health Issues Due To Lyme Disease

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease, I thought it would be like flu or a health condition that is something temporary. I have no idea that it will come up to this long and exhausting health journey. At times, a lot of people tell me that it will soon go away. Honestly, I keep repeating that assurance in my head to focus less on the negative things. However, even if I try reminding myself that I will get better soon, I know things will never be the same again. And that what makes it more depressing. It just shows that a lot of people are insensitive enough to others’ feelings and uneducated on what Lyme disease is entirely is all about.

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How’s Living With Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a chronic illness that often gets undiagnosed. It makes life a living hell. It feels like it comes up out of nowhere and is determined to stay forever. People without the disease might recognize some of the technicalities of the condition. But the struggle in the physical, emotional, and mental health is something no one can truly understand. There are instances that Lyme disease causes blurry visions. Sometimes, it can make you stay up all night. Then it goes to hurt your muscle and joint, which makes it hard to even stand up. You experience swollen lymph nodes, and God knows how painful that is. Of course, you can never crash out experiencing fatigue, where you feel like thousands of rocks are always on top of you. There is also this awful headache where you feel like something inside your head is trying so hard to rip your brains out. With Lyme disease, the body is constantly fighting an illness without an assurance of winning. Sometimes, you just can’t find the right way to feel normal again. There is this constant difficulty in doing everything. In unfortunate instances, even critical thinking seems out of the picture.

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How’s The Emotional And Mental Health Going?

The truth is, the disease is not limited to only affecting the human body but also causes damage to mental health. Thus, the thought of people seeing it as some sort of laziness is beyond hurtful. It adds to the undying emotional restlessness because they do not know how exhausting everything is for such people with Lyme disease. There are still some individuals with Lyme disease that manages to stay positive about life, though. However, with those people who happen to experience a different level of anxiety, the way they see things are way out of line. Lyme disease can cause paranoia where there is suffering from an intense fear of being alone. That is because somehow, it pushes the negative thought of burden and unworthiness. With that, the feeling of isolation emerges. From there, the buildup of mental illness, particularly depression, crawls up in a fast-paced motion.

Having Lyme disease is a complicated struggle, and people often recognize it as an invisible chronic condition. Many times, you don’t often see its impact in your life because you get to think that everything that revolves around it is pretty much normal. You do not look sick, and all so people will never care to ask you if you are okay. Honestly, the pain and suffering from Lyme disease are indescribable. At times, you genuinely do not know why it is happening. There is no chance of knowing if the condition is really bad or that if you can shrug it off for the moment. All there is to think about is when something will jump out because there is this feeling that any time, there is something that is going to happen. It is always a constant struggle to physically adjust, emotionally relate, and mentally excuse yourself from anxiety and depression.

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How To Manage A Day With Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease requires a lot of lifestyle changes. You go from taking prescription pills to therapy, avoiding certain food and places, and determining the dos and don’ts of a particular task. All of these require specific goals. Most of the time, managing it can cause an entirety of physical, mental, and emotional stress. With that said, you need to encourage yourself to live life better, even if you are struggling with a chronic condition. Find the right reasons why you want to live. Surround yourself with individuals that truly care, love, and support you all the way your health journey.

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Everyone has something in their life that they deal with. It could be issues ranging from financial instability, family matters, work and school associated, and health-related problems. Thus, there is no point in overthinking about being alone for a second. It is essential to take care of the emotional and mental health because those are the most important aspects that can help someone get through Lyme disease.

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