Health Hacks 101: Know How The 2016 New York Lyme Disease Convention Can Improve Healthcare Quality  


 The 2016 New York Lyme Disease Convention is just one of many ways to raise awareness about the relevance of improving the quality of healthcare systems for different patients of different illnesses around the globe.

Health Is Wealth

We’ve probably heard the saying “health is wealth” a million times. This saying implies that our health is valuable. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our daily tasks. However, for financially-challenged families, the concept of health care isn’t even an option anymore.


One of the biggest reasons why healthcare providers call for the improvement of the quality and rates of healthcare services is because as much as hospitals and clinics would want to help the sick, many patients cannot afford it. Given this, most people don’t even bother to have themselves checked anymore.

Going Beyond
With this, activities like the 2016 New York Lyme Disease Convention aim to involve the public in educational discussions that can somehow share information, alongside treatment options, about different health issues.


In the context of Lyme disease, since many misconceptions and misdiagnoses surround it, doctors and scientists were invited to speak about the topic to raise awareness on it and how to address it correctly. It is essential because the incorrect diagnosis can cause trauma, additional expenses, and other conflicts to the patients involved.

Impact Of Information
Knowledge-sharing through conventions like these is essential because it can spark new ideas and solutions to address various problems. It may seem simple, but awareness of different health issues can help families monitor their health better and at the same time help manage their financial concerns.

Being able to comprehend the technicalities of any illness can help citizens be aware of the signs to look out for and, thus, lead to fewer expenses and worries. Meanwhile, doctors can improve their servicing to enhance the quality of healthcare systems worldwide as well.

These events should be maximized well because these are avenues for healthy discussions towards healthier lifestyles. Imagine if patients could understand the symptoms and treatment facilities available to address their illnesses and healthcare providers could learn to adapt more to the needs, capacities, and suggestions of their patients. What a healthier world that is!


Essential Facts About Lyme Disease


There is a significant number of health ailments surfacing right now, which is attributed to pollution and other environmental causes. Several of them have similar symptoms, which is why at times it is mistaken as another illness. For example, mental health issues brought about by pollution – some therapists misdiagnose on it. Anyway, it is a well-known fact that there are lots of people who love to take walks, hikes, or jogs in the woods. Being exposed to the environment has complications and advantages, one of which is Lyme disease.

Continue reading “Essential Facts About Lyme Disease”

The Impact Of Lyme Disease

Staying positive can become an incredible tool for living a healthy life. That is especially when an individual is dealing with a severe health challenge such as Lyme disease. A lot of psychologists agree that to be able to handle a chronic condition, one must care for his emotional and mental health first. With the specific awareness of how someone can become emotionally and mentally stable, it secures a significant improvement in the process of an overall recovery. The incidence of Lyme is on the rise and these problems may become more common than any of us would like to see. “Building awareness is our best bet for helping ourselves and others now and moving forward.”, Joseph Trunzo Ph.D. advises.


The Struggle With The Condition

Lyme disease is something that even experts often get misdiagnosed. Usually, they assume it to be some anxiety and depressive disorder. Individuals with the condition can’t seem to understand and explain the cause of their fatigue and loss of energy. There is consistent of restlessness even if a person sleeps in for 12-hours a day. In some unfortunate instances, depending on an individual, there is a random loss of vision, consciousness, and too much headache. The body is not cooperating and is giving up always. Honestly, it can be entirely frustrating for an individual who only wants to have a happy and healthy life.

It feels like a universal thing that even if you don’t speak the same language, people still share the same sentiments toward the betterment of someone’s overall health. Some cases, Lyme disease, may take a person into exhausting doctor visitations and lots of testing before a secured diagnosis. The condition can make someone feel discouraged, especially when it gets undiagnosed for an extended period too. It can be depressing, overwhelming, and exhausting to handle.


“Researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how and why Lyme disease affects people in different ways and how best to treat them.” says Matthew Berger, M.D.  Yes, some therapy and medication can help ease the struggle of the condition.  However, when it already affects the mental state of an individual, it becomes one of the worse. That is because the disease can make someone feel like they have been stripped with his life. There are instances that he won’t be able to do what he wants, he will not be able to try new things, and will never get to explore the many great things about the world.

The Proper Mindset

Trying to get rid of the disease will inevitably take time. It will require a lot of sacrifices, tons of therapy and medication, and emotional support as well. There is also no assurance as to where and when the suffering would end. However, if there is a proper mindset of dealing with things around, even if Lyme disease is present, a lot of things can change. The attitude of looking forward and staying positive can mean a lot to an individual who may seem to find no hope at all. It will be enriching to make the shift and decide to have the kind of happiness and joy that the individual never imagines to see differently.


The Healthier Shift To An Overall Lifestyle

One of the best ways to battle Lyme disease is by eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Those two are the most significant things that will entirely create a difference in an individual’s daily routine. The process should not need to go after a strict order for it to become effective, though. As long as there is a specific goal of wanting to get better, everything else will follow. The person can start making changes in his eating and sleeping habits. “Slowly increasing movement can be incredibly helpful,” says Afton Hassett, PsyD.

Yes, an individual may feel confused about the best foods to take to fight the condition. But what happens to be a misconception is that he will then incorporate a raw diet more often. Some examples of this practice are juicing vegetables and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, that is not the idea over a healthy diet for Lyme disease. Instead, the main goal should be boosting and supporting the immune system. Therefore, what a person should do is follow a diet that heals the overall function of the body’s food processor, which is the gut. Part of something to remember is that most people think that there are specific foods that will help them heal. Honestly, there is none. That is because when something has taken over the body, it tries to heal itself. But for it to fight back, it needs a better and functioning immune system.

A little strength in mind and body is all that the individual is going to need to be able to fight with the symptoms of the Lyme disease. However, before trying and incorporating different strategies, always remember to consult a healthcare professional.

Mental Health Guide: How To Deal With Lyme

Finding out that you are suffering from a severe illness can disheartening. It can make you lose interest in doing the things that you usually enjoy. At the same time, it can also increase the stress and anxiety that you may feel. The reason behind this is because negativity and self-doubt will start to cloud your mind. You will begin to think that everything in your life is falling apart. The saddest part of all is that it can affect your mental health, to the point that you will start to push away the people around you. Aside from this, your life will also be filled with sadness and self-pity.


If you are going through a hard and challenging time because of Lyme disease, do not worry because there is always a way out of this situation. Keep in mind that you have the absolute control to change your life. You can make things work as long as you know how to improve your mindset and focus on the positive aspect of life. Remember that you have to focus on your mental health because it can affect your physical wellness. “It has been well established that chronic loneliness has a damaging impact on both our physical health and our longevity,” Guy Winch Ph.D. wrote. Here are the tips and tricks that you must consider if you want to improve your mental health despite the presence of Lyme disease:

Accept Your Situation

The first or initial step that you have to consider is to accept the diagnosis of your medical condition. Take note that the more you deny the existence of your illness, the more difficult it is for you to move forward with your days. Stop lying to yourself about the present circumstances affecting your health. Instead, accept it with open arms and learn to deal with. Remember that just because you are sick does not mean that you are already worthless. You can still turn your life around. However, you can only do this if you recognize that you are indeed sick. Start from there and everything great will follow.

“Being diagnosed with a life-threatening or terminal disease is likely to trigger feelings of fear and grief. More than ever, it is important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Try to find small things that you can enjoy every day, and set realistic short-term goals for yourself. Even small goals such as a visit to a park or museum, or a phone call with a close friend, can help you make the most of each day,” Teri L. Bourdeau, PhD, ABPP, and co-author said.


Open Up To Someone

Do you think that life is too much? Does your medical illness deeply sadden you? Do you want to feel relieved or great again? If you answered yes to all these inquiries, then all you have to do is to look for someone whom you can trust. Use your friendship or relationship with that individual by talking about all your thoughts and emotions. Keep in mind that this person is not going to judge you for whatever it is that you will say or do to him. When you talk about your feelings, you will begin to see a different perspective on life. At the same time, it can also somehow take your burden away.

Seek Professional Help

Gone are the days when ill people would stay in the corner of a hospital room and suffer depression while they are battling an illness. Nowadays, it is already possible to get in touch with a therapist who can be of service to people like you. This mental health expert can help in processing your thoughts and emotions, especially those that are brought by your medical condition. However, you need to understand that therapy sessions are only ideal if the client or patient knows how to cooperate with the therapist. If you want results, be sure to participate in the therapy meetings or appointments.

Get All The Help You Need

Now that you are sick, it is essential for you to know that many people in your life would be willing to help you fight your life’s battle. Do not deprive them of an opportunity to extend their assistance and support. Just because they want to help you does not mean that they pity your condition. They are doing what is necessary because they want to be by your side at this challenging moment. Instead of pushing them away, make room for their presence in your life. Take note that it is always better to combat Lyme and other illnesses with someone special helping and guiding you.

If you can’t possibly see a therapist face-to-face, try getting advice from the therapists at BetterHelp. It is an online platform consisting of professional therapists and counselors who are ready to listen and provide you with the help you need. You may also want to check out their official Facebook page.

Lyme doesn’t affect just the person with the infection. It can turn the lives of your entire family upside-down. Do the best you can to approach this like a team. If that isn’t possible, recognize the abilities of those around you, and work with them,”
Joseph Trunzo Ph.D. says.


Lyme can be an annoying and irritating disease, which is why you would often find yourself in a bad mood. As such, we highly recommend that you follow the tips mentioned above. You will be surprised by how these techniques can make you feel better despite your illness. Keep in mind that your mental health is always a top priority, just like your physical wellness.

Battling Lyme Disease: A Focus On Behavioral Health

Any person suffering from a disease will undoubtedly experience a decline in their mental health. Not only do they worry about the state of their physical health, but this constant state of worrying also takes a toll on their mental health; making them anxious, irritable and a lot more prone to depression. People who have Lyme disease are no stranger to this. Luckily, a rise in the awareness of mental health at present gave way to behavioral practices that can improve not only a person’s mental health but even their behavioral health at large. According to Joseph Trunzo Ph.D., “Someone suffering from a debilitating disease may be depressed or anxious as a reaction to being ill, it is also important to consider that the debilitating disease might be biologically driving the psychological symptoms.” Continue reading “Battling Lyme Disease: A Focus On Behavioral Health”

When Your Loved One Has Lyme: What You Ought To Know


Your family, friend, or significant other has Lyme disease. You have so many questions running on your mind. Maybe you don’t have questions, but you want to know what’s going on. In this article, we will try to provide simple explanations to some of your queries. It is our goal to make your community a clean and healthy place to live in, to be aware that tick-borne illnesses like Lyme can happen to anyone – even to you.

Here are some of the things you ought to know if your loved one has Lyme.

  • You Won’t Know It’s Lyme If You Just Look On The Outside. Individuals with Lyme disease don’t appear sick with their eyes all deep and gray. They look very well on the outside. Lyme disease doesn’t have visible signs and symptoms, which is why it is called an invisible illness. You’d think you’re looking at a normally okay person, but inside he’s very weak, with muscles aching like hell. Some of them even pretend like they’re totally fine (they’d like to think they are) even though they’re anxious, depressed, and hurt internally.


  • The Symptoms Are Unpredictable – Slow At Times, But Very Quickly At Other Times. They can be watching television and relaxing one time, feeling very fine, then suddenly they feel tremendously weak and tired as if they’re going to pass out (and sometimes they do). You will be shocked and devastated that you didn’t know where it came from. But soon you’ll realize that this is the nature of Lyme’s disease.  Sandy Berenbaum, LCSW says that “Given the complexity and unpredictability of symptoms, and the inadequate understanding of this illness in the greater community,” it can happen that “At times, family members mistakenly attribute the child’s symptoms and behaviors to willfulness on the part of the child.”

Perhaps you didn’t know that your love was not okay since she woke up in the morning, to begin with – she was just a good actress, and she played the part well that day. In the latter part of the day, her symptoms get worse, and you’re shocked that she tells you the pain is 10 out of 10. You think it’s happening so abruptly, but no. She was already feeling a 7 out of 10 earlier, but she just faked it.

  • They May Not Be Strong Enough To Work Or Go To School. It’s not because they’ve given up on their dreams, or they’re lazy, or undetermined. It’s that Lyme causes them to be extremely fatigued and weak even to take a shower or prepare their meals all by themselves, so going to school or the workplace would be a no-no. A friend of mine who has Lyme disease came to me one day feeling angry because someone told her how lucky she is to be staying at home all day. “What did he think? That it’s so much fun being chronically sick and staying at home all day? Even when I’m home, I am so useless! How can I be lucky?”
    Judy Tsafrir M.D. supports this claim. “It can result in extreme social isolation as well as an inability to work, travel or interact with others. Some even become homeless because every environment feels intolerably toxic and threatening. Such dramatic and seemingly irrational behavior can result in rejection by family and friends.” He adds, “It is rarely appreciated that they are literally suffering from brain damage.”
  • Source:

Believe me; you don’t want to say that to someone with the illness. These individuals don’t just feel under the weather – they feel like they’re going to die anytime. Sometimes even breathing is very difficult to do. Being lucky is so far from the truth.

  • Most Lyme Patients Go Through A Different Case. This means that one treatment may help alleviate the disease, but it may not work at all for another. If you’ve been bringing your love to the hospital and notice why another patient’s symptoms have lessened, but your loved ones haven’t, it’s because no one treatment method will work for everyone. Lynn A. Durand, MD says, “I’ve seen extremely strong, vital athletes who can basically barely walk to the mailbox [after contracting Lyme disease] and then you see some older people that do very well.” He adds, “It’s a lot more than just the vitality of the patient.” Additionally, late-stage Lyme disease is tough to fathom. Sometimes, the frustration kicks in when your loved one has been treated for months but hasn’t reaped even a few benefits. But you just need to try and find other solutions.

Don’t show how sad or angry you are about it. Think about your loved one who has the disease. He must be feeling a hundred times more angry and sad as you. Show compassion, patience, and hope. These are necessary for you and your loved one.

  • Sadly, Insurance Doesn’t Cover Lyme, Especially When It’s Late Stage. When someone is showing symptoms of the disease in its early stages, insurance can cover its cost for antibiotics and other treatments that could help cure the initial symptoms. However, when the disease has progressed to the chronic stage, treatments are complicated and expensive. The patient will also need all the vitamins and supplements he can take to maintain or stay relatively healthy. Finally, the late stages of Lyme disease aren’t covered by insurance.

In all honesty, chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease can happen to practically anyone. No immunity or injection can help us get away from having the disease. If someone you love has Lyme disease right now, the best thing for you to do is grasp all the knowledge you can get about it. Understand the disease so you can better understand your loved one. They can have tantrums, and their frustrations can lead to outbursts of anger and sadness, but be patient. They’ll badly need it.


Lyme disease involves the whole body and all aspects of life.  “If a child or an adult gets treated with the appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of Lyme disease, it’s rare for that person to develop the neurologic or cardiologic symptoms that can come if not treated.” Perri Klass, M.D. explains. But still, you can ease someone’s pain by being there, because your presence will mean very much to them.

Best Detox Routine For People With Lyme Disease

It is essential for people with Lyme disease or any chronic illness to follow proper detox procedure. It is necessary to do it regularly, efficiently, and effectively. That’s because a buildup of toxins causes the chronic pain to become worse, particularly with Lyme disease. So if you are not adequately detoxing your body, the condition eventually gets worst and then you become a lot sicker. Continue reading “Best Detox Routine For People With Lyme Disease”

Essential Reminders That Lyme Disease Patients Get From Practicing Mindfulness


When you know that you have Lyme disease, sometimes all you can do is pray. You clasp your hands together and utter a silent prayer to make your symptoms go away. You hope that your face will not droop too much and that the treatment will take effect already. Knowing that there’s someone up above who can make that happen – may it be Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, or other heavenly beings – can be comforting.

Another thing that gives some patients peace of mind in these troubled times is practicing mindfulness. These are the essential reminders that folks get from doing so.

  1. Accepting Help Makes You Wise

Perhaps since everyone wants to appear healthy in front of others, it’s a bit rare to see someone with Lyme disease – or any ailment, for that matter – to talk about their condition freely in an instant. The openness seems like a call for help in their eyes, which may translate to earning pity from loved ones and colleagues. That’s why they try to hold the information in as much as possible. “Build a strong support network you can rely on, and communicate with them about how they can best help you manage your disease,” Teri L. Bourdeau, PhD and co-author said. “Try to see things from the other’s perspective and keep the lines of communication open,” they added.

When you practice mindfulness, though, you’ll realize that there’s nothing awful about accepting help at times. If you’re in pain and you need to go to a doctor’s appointment, someone else can drive for you. In case you have to take the day off at work for the treatment, another fellow can fill in to complete your task. Thus, you can focus on yourself and your healing more often than not.

  1. It’s Okay To Feel Your Pain

A typical issue that increases the difficulty of overcoming Lyme disease is the hatred that people tend to show towards the illness. When the joints begin to ache while you’re in the middle of an important meeting, for instance, you might beat yourself up for needing to excuse yourself from the conference. Considering you can’t get up in the morning due to it, you might hate the disease even more and wish for the earth to swallow you alive.

Well, what you merely accomplish by acting this way is giving yourself an extra dose of unnecessary stress. You need to accept the pain first before the healing can become effective. There’s no shortcut for this method even if you are under the best doctors in town. According to Joseph Trunzo, Ph.D., “Recognizing when you have little to no control over something can help you to stop struggling against it. Validating – not minimizing or negating – your experience can help you to honestly assess your condition, your options and your choices.”

Luckily, mindfulness can help you transition to that state of mind.

  1. You Are More Than Your Illness

It also depresses people when the symptoms of Lyme disease flare up at once in a debilitating manner. You cannot move because you feel like you finished a full marathon. You notice that your face seems more asymmetrical than ever. The rashes are spreading, but you know that you shouldn’t scratch your skin. Thus, one might stop going out or doing anything else in life.

The truth is that these indications of the illness only come and go. They won’t stay active for days on end and never give you time to pull yourself back together. That’s why you should allow the rest of your days on this planet to revolve around this ailment.

If you must know, some celebrities carry the same disease as well. Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere, and Ashley Olsen happen to have Lyme like you. However, they know that there’s more to life than writhing in pain at home, so they work around their illness and improve their respective careers.

You should keep on practicing mindfulness if you are not quite in a similar mental state yet.

Final Thoughts


Meditation is an accepted technique to bring you peace of mind and help you know yourself better. You can’t pass up the opportunity of using this method to manage Lyme disease, primarily when it can aid you in making things better. “There are many experiences and activities in our lives which aren’t innately negative, and which could easily be neutralized – or even made pleasant,” Steve Taylor Ph.D. wrote.

Good luck!

Normal Things That May Be Harmful For Lyme Patients


Lyme disease is a condition that has no chance of getting detected after a simple test. You may be carrying this tick-borne illness for years, but the doctor may insist that it is merely an autoimmune disease. Other disorders may come to the surface as well before a specialist entertains the idea that it may be the Lyme that’s the reason behind such manifestations.

Based on the long-term process of diagnosing the illness alone, you can also tell that treating Lyme disease can be very stressful. It borderlines the impossible if we are honest, especially when even the things that we see or feel on average may be harmful to the patients.

Let us give you examples of what these normal aspects may be.

  1. Taking A Shower

Showers are generally fun and refreshing. The feeling of water raining down on you can calm your thoughts, to the extent that you end up staying there until your fingers look like prunes.

However, someone with Lyme disease tends to have an opposite experience. When he or she gets in the shower, the water constantly hitting the body can give the individual pain afterward. Some say it’s the water pressure attacking the toxins in the deep tissues that causes that. Others believe that the sudden rise of body temperature allows the antibodies to kill the Candida and Lyme bacteria.

  1. Getting A Massage

Lyme patients are not supposed to go to spas to get a deep tissue massage. The reason is that the act of kneading the fats and muscles in the body enables the toxins to flow out with sweat. While that is an excellent detoxification method for most people, it exposes the Lyme bacteria and other toxins to the immune system, which forces them to have an internal battle (literally). Its result is that the person tends to feel sick for several days.

1. Rising Of A Full Or New Moon

Before you start thinking that Lyme patients are humans that turn into a werewolf like Remus Lupin in Harry Potter, allow us to burst your bubble now. These are real people we’re talking about, and their physical form does not change when the new or full moon comes. Despite that, something happens with their brain during this time, thus causing them to experience distress physically and mentally.

The thing is, there is not much research about this circumstance as we speak. The ongoing theory is that the bacteria in a patient’s body reproduce every after 28 days. That is typically when the moon changes as well; that’s why both occurrences have probably been connected.

2. Doing The Horizontal Tango

How the Lyme bacteria are able to go through reproduction is that they feed on magnesium, zinc, and other chemicals and nutrients that the body has. Some internal organs may not function because of that. Hence, the individual with Lyme disease does not even have the energy to either masturbate or have sexual intercourse.

If that person insists on doing it, the supply of nutrients within the system will go down rapidly. Instead of feeling pleasure, he or she may merely be in pain for days.

3. Exercising

Many ill folks often get encouragement from their loved ones and doctors to work out. “Build up your immunity and muscle strength,” they say. However, for Lyme patients, it may be best to stay chill and not do plenty of physical exercises.

That is because the process of exerting energy and making the heart pump more blood can cause toxins to return to your bloodstream. The high body temperature during a workout routine can also disturb the calm flow of things in the person’s system. Besides, the more you exercise, the more nutrients the body should have, and that may be difficult to achieve when bacteria consumes those good chemicals before you do.


In Conclusion

Having Lyme disease tends to be worse than you can ever imagine. It is highly debilitating, especially when you still don’t know how to cope with the symptoms. It can be a source of depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, information like the ones above can help patients understand what they are dealing with and seek the right ways to circumvent them.